Wingers' Sticky Fingers!

So, I was strolling through a new blog I found the other night and came across these bad boys. If you've never heard of Wingers, I'm so sorry. Their sticky fingers are about the most amazing thing I've tasted.... ever. That is how much I love them. Now that I no longer live in Utah, I was sad I couldn't feast on them at will any longer. I saw this recipe and thought what the heck... and super glad I did. These taste EXACTLY like Wingers. It's uncanny. I accidentally bought pre-breaded chicken nuggets instead of chicken fingers and it was still so yummy that I couldn't even handle it. You're about to have a party in your mouth.

For the sauce (covers about 8-10 fingers):
3 TBSP Franks Red Hot Sauce (apparently no other sauce works, it must be Franks - found it in the BBQ sauce aisle no problem)
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 TBSP water

Heat up all sauce ingredients until sugar dissolves. Keep on low/warm until chicken has been cooked.

For the chicken fingers:
1 cup oil
1 package frozen breaded chicken fingers (nuggets worked fine, but I'd definitely get fingers next time)

In frying pan, heat oil and cook frozen fingers until crispy, browned and warm. Place on paper towel to remove some of the excess oil and then coat in sauce. I found it easiest to pour the sauce in some tupperware and shake the chicken up in it. Serve with ranch or bleu cheese dipping sauce and enjoy!

*Adapted from original recipe found here

(In case you need help finding Franks hot sauce, I posted a link on it's name in the ingredients)



Delicious! I tried this last night, and it's amazing how much it does taste like the actual Sticky Fingers! I'm so glad you found this, because I crave them all the time, and this is a much cheaper route to go! Jackson even liked them! :)


Made these last night for the superbowl and had rave reviews. This is exactly Wingers sauce. YUM!