Rocky Road Brownies

Rocky Road Brownies

I adapted this recipe from one of my moms favorites....Rocky Road Cake. But hers is basically a Texas Sheet Cake, 'from scratch' and takes TIME, which I never I use the yummy Ghirardelli's brownie mix and bake 2 mixes at a time in a jelly roll pan (lg cookie sheet).

Follow the box directions, but when done baking, cover the top with mini marshmellows. Put back in the oven another 3-5 minutes until they are gooey, about to turn brown (watch them carefully). Then pour this yummy frosting over the top and let them sit for an hour if possible to set before cutting into them! If you like nuts... sprinkle over the top!

Chocolate Frosting

In a small sauce pan, bring 1 cube butter w/ 5 T. milk to boil.
Lower heat and add 4 T. cocoa powder, 1 box powdered sugar, and stir well.
If it's still really really thick, you can add 1 t. milk. Then add 1 t. vanilla last.
The mixture should be just thin enough to pour over the top of the marshmellows!
This is REALLY EASY and REALLY POPULAR to take to home teachers, visiting teachers, neighbors, friends....anyone you need to's looks and tastes incredible!



Obviously you didn't READ the recipes "A"... this one states that she adapted it from one of her mom's recipes. All the recipes on this blog state where they were found at some point during the blog. And if this is "J" pretending to be "A", well you're really cute.


Looks like someone needs to find something more to do with their life than sit around looking at recipes all day. How about you clean something "A"

Sean and Shari Tate

Wow...who the heck is 'A'?
Is this not a private blog anymore?

I'm confused....I've never asked ANYONE to give credit to me or anyone else, so not sure what you are referring to. This is a family recipe we've been making for years...SEVERAL of my friends have re-posted it on their blogs which I think is a compliment, not an annoyance, whether they give me credit or not!