Rachie's homemade mozzarella sticks

Leisa requested this recipe from me, so I had to share! These are fairly quick and very easy to make and more delicious than you can imagine!

What you'll need:
A block of mozarella cheese
Italian style bread crumbs
4-6 eggs
Vegetable oil
Dipping sauce of your choice (ranch, marinara, etc)

The reason there aren't any specific measurements is because I made these on a whim after watching an old boyfriend make them a loooooong time ago. You don't really need any specifics anyway!

What you do is cut the block of mozarella into about 3-4" long, 1/2-1" wide sticks... eyeball it. Beat the eggs in a bowl and roll each stick in the egg until fully covered. After covered in egg, roll in bread crumbs. Repeat dipping in egg and then in bread crumbs once more.

If you have some time, stick the battered sticks in the freezer so they'll stay together a little better in the hot oil. If not, they will still turn out well but you'll need to eat them immediately.

If you have a deep fryer, turn it to 350 degrees and submerge a few sticks at a time for about 10 seconds and remove them quickly. Let them sit on a paper towel to drain a little of the oil before eating. If you don't have a deep fryer, heat oil on the stove top and test one stick by submerging it and then breaking it open to see if the heat is about right to both melt the cheese and to brown the batter.